OhioPCGamers to support Gamers Outreach

Help provide kids in hospitals with recreation and therapy through the power of video games


 "We started as a group of high schoolers with a passion for playing video games. After volunteering at our local hospital, we realized there were specific ways games could help children cope with long-term visits. We've since evolved into a community of gaming enthusiasts eager to make a difference for kids in hospitals everywhere! 

 Our focus is to support kids and teens throughout the healing process as they undergo treatment in hospitals. We equip nurses and child life specialists with the means to make activities and technology accessible. Ultimately, our goal is to create sustainable experiences that produce joy and minimize trauma for patients. 

 Undergoing medical treatment can often be a scary and isolating experience, especially for young people. There is a special need for age-appropriate coping tools in pediatric hospitals. Our programs help aid the healing process by providing relief, socialization, and a sense of normalcy to families and patients spending time inside hospitals. "


 These GO Karts, as they are called, cost about $3500 each.  I would like to help fund one of these carts used in the therapy and treatment.   Click the Gamers Outreach logo to visit the OhioPCGamers Campaign, watch a video about the program, and learn more about this awesome organization.    Another way you can help is attending the Gamers For Giving LAN Event is in March 2019 to help support this cause.  Full Details on the Calendar below.

Click Above for more information about the program - and the OhioPCGamers Campaign site!
Click Above for more information about the program - and the OhioPCGamers Campaign site!

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OhioPCGamers to support Gamers Outreach


I learned about this great initiative while researching LAN parties in Ohio and surrounding areas. Knowing firsthand how gaming can provide fun and entertainment to both kids and adults, this is a great opportunity to give back supporting what we love — Gaming!

 Gamers Outreach provides technology for kids to use for entertainment in children’s hospitals . They build carts that can be moved around (called GO Karts) allowing kids to game during recovery.

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